Gatwick Airport Terminal & Interchange


We were contracted by the communications company working for Gatwick Airport’s owners to design and test a new public address and voice alarm system for the North Terminal Interchange.

The brief

  • Design the public address and voice alarm system for the North Terminal Interchange

  • Carry out an acoustic computer modelling study to verify that the proposed acoustic design will meet the acoustic design criteria specified in the performance constraints

  • Parameter prediction including reverberation time, sound pressure level and speech transmission index

  • Post commissioning electro-acoustic performance assessment of intelligibility and sound pressure level.

The acoustic design had to work with pre-determined loudspeaker positions and architectural constraints, as well as achieving compliance with the specified performance requirements.

The results

  • Installed system met the performance requirements specified by the airport operator, Global Infrastructure Partners.

  • Compliant PA-voice alarm system delivered within a tight time frame.

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